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The Daily Times, MFO- Tuesday, June 20, 1939: In 1820 a small school was established at Rehobeth which served the community until 1839, when the first school was established in Adena in a little one room building. Before a church was built in the town the people worshipped in the Presbyterian Church at Beech Spring and the Covenanter church on Piney Fork creek. As early as 40 years ago, there was a bank, stores, flour mills, shoeshop and other business in Adena. The roads have all been developed in the past thirty years. About this time owing to the fact that we were the center of a vast coal field which was rapidly being devloped, the town began to flourish and the population greatly increased. The town was incorpored in 1908 with Basom Hastings as mayor. It was largley through the efforts of mayor W. P Moore that the streets were paved in 1920. Under the present administration the streets have been improved and a new water system installed to channel of the creek has been widened to elimate flood threats.

The Polish Princess of Adena News, Miss Muxie Mae Bednar, our 2005 AKC Registered Yellow Lab o'Adena News

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P & M Memoirs -

What our dog ate in nine years, just to name a few: She chewed and partly consumed a Longaberger basket, a $300.00 area rug, the skirt from a $900.00 sofa, two rocking chair rungs, three table rungs, a treasure map, a dozen Legos, Dain's spelling words, four action figures, a new Victoria's secret bra, new Ellen Tracey Sandals, Nike flip-flops, Crocks, a Barbie doll, UA boxer shorts, six soccer balls, one golf ball, a dozen baseballs, 10 tennis balls, a sleeping bag, a camp chair, two baby raccoons, three baby birds, seven stuffed animals, a table leg, rocking chair rungs, two blankets, six dish towels, eleven squeak toys, four Frisbees, three large walnut tree branches, four Binnacles, the neighbor's cat food, sixteen pairs of socks, a six month old hambone (of which she contracted a horrible stomach infection,) a neighbors turkey carcass, Jabba the Hut's tail, an eight pound bag of cat food, a 12 oz. Hershey Bar and wrapper, birthday party balloons, two jump ropes, Rymidel, over a hundred Heartworm chews, three candy canes, a bag of wrapped Hershey kisses, two raw potatoes, a head of lettuce, half a pound of bacon, a pound of lunch meat, a cluster of grapes, a box of Wheat Thins, Luke Skywalker, thousands of Milk bones, hundreds of raw hide and dental chews, and after all of this, she is still very much alive and vibrant. Dog is God spelled backward.
Beer.....belongs, enjoy it. Beer is America's beverage of moderation. In the home loving land of ours, in this America of kindliness of friendship and good humored tolerance--perhaps no beverages are more at home than good American beer and ale. Beer is the kind of beverages Americans like. It belongs to pleasant living, good fellowship, to sensible moderation and our right to enjoy it! This too, belongs to our American heritage of personal freedom.

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An Adena Unsolved Murder

An eleven year old girl is brutally murdered in 1920 in a small town. The crime scene is botched, the evidence askew, and the constable is unstable. Three towns become three blind mice trying to decipher who is this cold-blooded killer. Meanwhile amid our authority in the Ohio valley, all evidence of the murder mysteriously disappears. On March 25, 1920, an eleven year old girl Frances South was murdered in "Dark Hollow" located on Old Mt. Pleasant Pike, just west of the dilapidated Mario's Bar building. If you have ANY information, please

Sarah Speaks.

The Adena News Editor was gifted a grave stone in 2004 weeks after the hurricane Ivan flood and the inscription has been revealed.

It reads: Sarah E., Wife of Nimrod Stevens died October 27, 1861
In her 25th year.
Wherein this family my wife lies,
Her Spirit awake above,
In calm of bliss it never dies,
But immortal in shining love.

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"The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you."

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