There were several mills located in and near Adena in the 1800's. The earliest one was Hagan's Mill built in 1804. There was a mill on Main Street (in the formerly known Dr. Crawford's house.) The mill was built in 1896. John Courtright owned the mill and his partner was Oscar Paxton. When Oscar Paxton died, John Courtright sold his share to R. M. Symons. The firm's name changed to Paxton and Symons, Co. In 1899, Mrs. Paxton sold her share to William Packer. (See above photo.) It then became Symons and Packer. It burned in 1903. A new mill was built on the present site of the Landmark Feed store. In 1917, the mill was incorporated and later named, Adena Milling Company. Today a mill building still dwells in Adena. The Jefferson Landmark Feed Store is located on U.S. Route 250, in Cadiz, Ohio.

History reference,"Our Town Adena."