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The General Federation of Women's Clubs can be traced back to 1868 when Jane Cunningham Croly, a professional journalist from New York City wanted to cover a dinner at an all male press club honoring British novelist Charles Dickens. Croly was told that women were not welcome. In response, that year she formed the Sorosis Club for Women. In 1890, she extended an invitation to women's clubs throughout the country to attend a ratification convention in New York City. There, the G.F.W.C. was formed. Several women founders instituted many organizations nationwide, such as child labor laws, juvenile court laws, seat belt safety, campaigning for C.A.R.E., the American Cancer Society, The American Woman's Sufferage Assn., the American Library Assn, The Pure Food and Drug Act, the Indian Welfare Committee for the enfranchisement of Native Americans, the National Park Service, the E.R.A., Libraries 2000, and many more. It is one of the oldest and largest women's service organizaitons dedicated to community improvement through volunteer service. The Women's Club of Adena originated in 1936 still presently active in Adena. Various community programs and projects are performed annually. This year the Women's Club of Adena held two autumn Art Shows featuring women and children in art. Read about it here.
The Womens Club of Adena regularly meet September through May on the Third Thursday of every month.

Membership 2012-13
Carol BednarPresident
Teresa Ludwig, 1st Vice President
Carol Infante, 2nd Vice President
Karen Horton, Recording Secretary
Betty Campbell, Treasurer
Tammy Hosenfeld, Corresponding Secretary
Judy Whiting, Historian
Pat Thompson,Parliamentarian
Marge Bednarki
Kristie Dale
Helyn Hopkins
Judy Jones
Vincie Masloski
June McKim
Melissa Runnion
Donna Sliva
Nancy Walker
Judy Whiting
If you're a lady looking for connections to the Adena community, and are interested in attending one of our meetings, please send an

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