Steve "Gus" Eliopulos was a 1947 Adena High Graduate and like many Adenians he served in the United States Navy directly after graduating high school until 1950. He married in 1951 and moved to Byesville, Ohio. There he worked for his father until 1965. Steve has three sons and one of them played football for West Virginia University participating in two bowl games. In 1966, Steve moved to Belpre, Ohio, and was in the fast food business as a district manager until 1977. He accepted a friend's offer to be maître d' in an upscale restaurant in Parkersburg, West Virginia. There he kept on his toes doing "plenty of walking." He retired at age 77 and took up walking which soon became a "bit too slow so before anyone knew it, he was running!" Steve and his brother Jim were AHS lettermen playing baseball, basketball, and football from 1944-46 where Coach Jerry Melchiori led the football team to win the East Ohio All Star district title! Jim and Steve have a younger brother Chuck who also played AHS football and enjoyed playing for Coach Fred Domenico of who he still keeps in touch.

Steve and Ernest Sutton served as basketball managers in 1945 when AHS won 7 that year, losing 9. Steve was in charge of washing the team uniforms and recalls an electric moment. "I was in the locker room in my bare feet standing in the water well directly in front of the shower." "The washing machine was a manual training work project and was plugged in and running." "I had a metal bucket in my hands pouring water into the machine and the next thing I knew electricity was going through my body!" "I couldn't move!" "It was after practice, and I didn't hear anyone around." "It was late in the day, so I screamed for help." "Suddenly, someone threw the switch and I collapsed, dazed but ok." "Where he came from I didn't know, but there was the principal, Mr. Boetticher who saved my life!" Like many Adenians Steve remembers walking in his early years throughout Adena. "I developed my stamina for walking because unfortunately my Dad never owned a car and I walked everywhere." "As a teenager I had a girlfriend who lived in Harrisville." Going up Churchill at that time, to her house I thought a 6 mile roundtrip was just a skip and a jump." "Also hot summer days you would find me at Fox's Bottom which is a neat little walk."

At age 77, Steve wanted to obtain a weight goal of 150 lbs. which was his high school weight enabling him to move around more easily. He didn't push but stayed focused by eating healthy until he reached his goal! He said, "I knew I could kick it up a notch and started jogging." Three years later, he was running at age 80 entering eleven running events. He placed first in a 2-mile race held in Parkersburg, West Virginia in 2008. In 2009, he entered a 5k race (3.1 miles) and once again he finished 1st in his age group. After finishing the race, he told his granddaughter, Nikki, "3 miles is just too long" but he found himself at the starting line in a 2-mile in 2010 again placing first. In 27 years within history of those events, Steve is the only person over 80 years of age to finish 3 races with such high ranking. He entered and ran a total of 11 races over his 3 year "running career." Steve finally retired from running in 2011. Personally, Steve seems a bit modest in regards to his life achievements. He has corresponded with Adena News via an Android, is an active grandfather, and has rolled with the changes of 8 decades that is likely due to walking which is a cardio physician's best prescription. Steve's walks through Adena and his participation in AHS athletics have contributed to his acclaim as an accomplished senior achiever!

A written memory of AHS History by Joe D.
AHS Alumni MaryAnn Kahrer places in National Golf Competetion
MaryAnn Kahrer, Class of 1957, recently won the individual championship at the Ladies Heather Hills Golf Championship at the Greens of Manatee, and a gold medal in the Golf Coast Senior Games at Buffalo Creek Golf Course.

The 2007 Summer National Senior Games were held in Louisville, Kentucky marking the 20th year anniversary. Former Adenian MaryAnn Kahrer placed 16th in her age group (ages 65-69) out of 32 players. Her group totaled 126 women golfers scratch division playing on a par 72 course at the Quail Chase Golf Club.

The goal of the senior games is to provide an opportunity and incentive for all amateur athletes in the nation to develop their physical talents and contend for competitive abilities. You must be age 50 or above to compete in any state competition.

The senior Olympic games began in 1987 with 2500 players. Last month, in an Olympic like setting complete with the torch, the hot humid 98-degree weather attracted a total of over 17,000 senior players. The National Senior Games were represented by all fifty states including the District of Columbia with players ranging of ages 50-100.

The Florida State Senior Championships tallied a total of 633 players attending the Nationals this year. The state of Ohio had 688 competitors and Tennessee tolled 839.

Kahrer who resides in Bradenton, Florida, qualified to play in the Nationals when she competed in the Florida Senior State Championships in Cape Coral, last December. She got the gold medal at the Gulf Coast Senior games that qualified her to play for Florida State placing 6th with a scratch score of 86 where you had to score at least 90. Maryann may now advance to California to endure yet more competition with the National champions.

Pete Milicia, Class of '49, placed 2nd in the 100m dash of senior games. He is a direct heir to the Adena P & M pub and was an Adena resident and Golden Wave athlete. Through the years he has kept active in running and well as being an avid tennis player.

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